Planning Your Trip

We think being prepared saves on pre-trip stress-levels, that's why we've put together some checklists for you. Check out the FAQ's and be sure to send along an additional question you may have. 
​Please take the time to review our terms and conditions and when you're ready to kit-up you can have a look

On Bike Packing List

  1. Cycling jerseys or dry wick shirts
  2. Padded cycling shorts
  3. Cycling shoes (if you bring your own pedals)
  4. Sneakers (if you don’t bring your own pedals)
  5. Athletic socks.
  6. Lightweight, waterproof jacket or vest
  7. Bike gloves
  8. Bike saddle/cover (if you prefer your own)​​
  9. Sunscreen, sunglasses
  10. Insect repellent

Off Bike Packing List

  1. Walking shoes
  2. Hiking shoes (if required)
  3. Long and short-sleeved shirts
  4. Long pants and shorts.
  5. Sweater/jacket for evenings
  6. Dinner attire (casual)
  7. Swimsuit
  8. Cell phone and charger
  9. Photography gear and charger
  10. Toiletries

Travel Items

  1. Travel confirmations and tickets for air, car rental etc.
  2. Passport, including photocopy
  3. Canadian currency
  4. PEI Cycling Tours itinerary
  5. Emergency contacts
  6. Health insurance information
  7. Medications
  8. Travel Insurance
Download a printable packing list


Most people have a ton of questions before embarking on such an adventure such as a cycling tour. We, of course, will answer any question any time, but if you'd like to check our Frequently Asked Questions page you may find some answers.

Call or email if your answer isn't there:
[email protected]


Terms & Conditions

We ask all riders to carefully read and sign off on our terms and conditions. Included is our cancellation policy and other details you need to know about with regards to PEI Cycling Tours responsibilities as well as yours. 

As the tour conatct person you are able to sign the terms and conditrions for others in your tour as long as they have read and understood in full.

Cycling Apparel

Coordinating your group with PEI Cycling Tours jerseys, shorts and other items is a great way to commemorate your tour. Our high-quality clothing is available in all sizes and is conveniently set up in our own store for you to order from. 

We recommend ordering 6 weeks prior to your tour so you can have your items with you prior to your tour.